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Suggested Curriculum

This is a suggested curriculum and can be easily adjusted based on the requirements of your program. Each segment of the curriculum is modular and can be used in any order. This curriculum uses only the Midwest Version of The Choice Game™.

Segment 1: STDS & AIDs

The Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDs segment provides statistics and information that the only guaranteed protection is abstinence from sex, intravenous drug use and alcohol.

Scenario:  In this part of The Choice Game™ Tommy (Caucasian) is a typical high school freshman.  He doesn't have a lot of friends. Today at school some kids were teasing him about things he didn't seem to know about sex.

His sister, Kim, (Caucasian) is a very popular senior at the same school.  Her friend, Alicia, (Caucasian) told her about Tommy's situation.  So Kim's not surprised when Tommy comes to speak with her.  They have a good relationship and Tommy looks up to his "cool" sister.

Kim and Tommy have a heart-to-heart conversation in which Kim tries to explain the consequences of premarital sex and risky behaviors.  At the end Tommy has a serious choice to make which impacts the outcome of this segment.  Will he go to an unsupervised party or not?


  • Sibling role model
  • STDs and “safe sex”
  • Specific STD statistics and information
  • Warnings for any “sexual” contact
  • STDs can work together
  • Peer Pressure
  • The part Alcohol and Drugs can play
  • Self-determination vs. sexual pressure
  • Abstinence and the Wait Ring concept
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Decision-making skills
  • Peer pressure involving drugs, alcohol, parties, etc.
  • Long-term consequences of today’s choices
  • Rumors, promiscuity and your future
  • Need for parental communication – marriage, sex and love
  • Second Chance Club

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Segment 2: Communications

"Communication" helps youth learn effective and ineffective communication strategies for letting true feeling and wishes be known.  "Refusal Skills" teaches youth to take control of their lives by asserting themselves and standing up for what they believe.  Introduces the concepts of “The Second Chance Club”, the Wait Ring and how one can make a commitment to new abstinence-based beliefs and values.

Scenario:  In this part of The Choice Game™ T.J. and Tina (both Hispanic) are attracted to each other.  Tina recently moved from a small town in South Jersey to the City of Newark .  T.J.’s father is a supervisor at a warehouse in the city and T.J. secretly made a copy of his dad’s keys and planned a special party for a few of his friends.  This segment gives both T.J. and Tina several critical decisions.  The choices they make regarding their relationship determine the consequences, their reputations and positive or negative results of their choices.  T.J.’s father and Tina’s grandmother share experiences opinions and act as adult role models and coaches.


  • Refusal Skills
  • Setting personal goals, boundaries and limits. What’s a kiss?
  • Arguing vs. Communicating and what’s the difference
  • What does respect mean?
  • Communicating with Parents/grandparents/guardians
  • Explore body language, attitude, and the power of words and volume of the voice
  • “No” is more than a word
  • Is everybody really “Doing it?”
  • Effect of your choices on your reputation
  • Evaluate styles of Communications and conversations
  • “True Love” – What is it and what isn’t it?
  • Survival techniques to use in waiting for sex until marriage
  • The concept of ‘The Second Chance Club’ and the symbol of the abstinence ring
  • Confiding in a trusted adult, counselor, or mentor
  • Importance of having friends who can support your choices

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Segment 3: Teen Pregnancy

The teen pregnancy segment explores a real life unplanned pregnancy from both the teen mother’s and father’s point of view including feelings, lifestyle changes and lost opportunities that having a baby when one is not prepared for the responsibilities of family life.

Scenario:  In this segment of The Choice Game™, Eric and Jennifer (both Caucasian) think they may be “in love.”  Eric comes from a family that believes sex should be only for marriage.

Jennifer's parents are divorced.  They are good parents, but her mother often has to work late and her dad lives far away. 

These young people face many serious decisions about sexual purity and abstinence.  Eric is a virgin while Jennifer has had a sexual relationship with an older boy.  As the segment unfolds depending on the paths chosen we discover Jennifer is pregnant with Eric’s baby.  She also has contracted an STD from Michael (Caucasian) who again based on the path chosen may be charged with statutory rape.  Another path leads to a positive counseling and mentoring session with Todd, and his mother where abstinence, The Wait Ring, marriage and family are all discussed.


  • Peer Influences
  • Concerns about sexual actions
  • Explore the meaning of sexuality
  • Parent and guardian influences and role models
  • Importance of marriage and family
  • Planning for the future YOU want
  • Is everybody really “Doing it?”
  • Consequences of acting on impulse
  • STDs, pregnancy, alcohol influences
  • Adoption vs. raising a baby as a single teen
  • Waiting for sex until marriage
  • The Wait Ring and pledging abstinence
  • Failure of condoms
  • True love DOES wait for marriage

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Segment 4: Alcohol & Drugs

Explores the harmful effects of destructive substances and how they dramatically impair decision-making abilities.  Under age drinking and illegal drugs can destroy lives and futures.  Unsupervised parties where both alcohol and drugs are present lead to dangerous outcomes.

Scenario: In this segment of the game Adam’s parents (Caucasian) are on vacation and he has decided to have some of his friends over for an unsupervised party with beer, marijuana and other substances.  As the segment begins some friends (All Caucasian) can decide to go to the movies instead of being at the party.  If the choice is made to go to the party the consequences can be as simple as a messy house with parents who ground Adam, to possible date rape, an arrest, an accident with a resulting death and other serious consequences.


  • How to handle verbal harassment
  • How to handle temptation
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Huffing
  • Peer Pressure
  • Parental Controls
  • Grounding
  • Date Rape
  • True friends vs. users
  • Police Intervention
  • Death from a drunk driver
  • Fighting
  • Sibling role models

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Segment 5: My Family / My Self

Personal belief systems start with the family.  Young people struggle to define themselves and their newly emerging values as they relate to their family.  In this generation as the nuclear family lessons The Choice Game™ explores both the traditional and not so traditional meaning of family, including trusted adults and friends.

Scenarios and Objectives:

Influences; Sally, Mom (both Caucasian) and Mr. Fernandez (Hispanic) - Sally has gone to work with her Mom for Career Day and ends up in a conversation with her Mom’s Boss concerning a lawsuit resulting from the advertising of cigarettes.  Mr. Fernandez goes on to discuss a possible drug problem with his son and asks Sally’s opinion.

  • Parents as role models
  • Youth targeted advertising and marketing
  • Marijuana use
  • Communication between parents and teens

Drugs & Alcohol; Sally & Mom (Both Caucasian) - Sally has gone to a party at Adam’s house, which is unsupervised.  Once she sees there is alcohol and drug use, she can decide to just leave or to call her mom.

  • Decision-Making
  • Peer Pressure
  • Trusting parents
  • Building parent/teen relationships

Communications; Tina (Hispanic), Denise and Grandma (both Caucasian) - Tina has confided in her Grandmother that she went to a secret party to meet T.J. and got more than she bargained for.  Grandma explains 3 kinds of “love”, Wait Ring concept, True love and waiting until marriage for sex.

  • Clear communication skills between Parent/Guardian and child
  • Confiding in a trusted adult
  • Real Love vs. “Gimme” love
  • Consequences of poor decisions discussed
  • Wait Ring and “Second Chance Club”

Communications; T.J. & Dad (both Hispanic) - T.J.’s been caught using his father’s keys to the warehouse where he works to throw a secret party for a few friends.  Dad and son have a serious conversation regarding sex, marriage and the future.

  • Coping with temptations
  • Setting personal limits and boundaries
  • Abstinence, Wait Ring and waiting for sex until marriage
  • Parent as positive role model

My Family/Myself; Jared, Mom and Dad (all African American) - Jared was with a group of “friends” who were drinking alcohol at a school event. His friends were suspended.  He was verbally reprimanded and his parents were called.  Jared was not sanctioned by the school administration because he was not drinking.  Jared’s parents confront him with their feelings about his lack of judgment.

  • Peer Pressure
  • Trustworthiness
  • Formation of good character
  • Respect vs. adolescent rebellion

My Family/Myself; (Jared, Mom and Dad) - Following Jared’s grounding for the incident at school he has a conversation with his Mom and Dad to tell them he feels the grounding was unfair. 

  • Setting and testing limits
  • Fairness
  • Open communication between parent and child.
  • Character and values explored

Teen Pregnancy; Eric, Jen and Mom (All Caucasian) - Jen and Eric have been sitting with Eric’s mom, watching her wedding video.  She is now explaining to them her views on premarital sex.

  • Premarital sex and related problems
  • Wait Ring
  • Goal setting

Teen Pregnancy; Eric & Jen (Both Caucasian) - Jen and Eric feel they are in love and they have stopped to question whether they are ready to be so serious in their relationship.

  • Setting goals and working toward them
  • Value of a good education
  • What it takes to have a good family life

STDs; Kim and Tommy (Both Caucasian) - Kim and her younger brother are having a heart to heart about premarital sex, love and STDs.  Here Kim is explaining how romance, love, marriage and sex all fit together.

  • Sibling relationship
  • Good marriage vs. promiscuity
  • Peer Pressure

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Segment 6: Influences

The Media has a great influence over our young people.  In many ways it competes with family, tradition, culture and values.  Drugs and sex are often part of the “ Hollywood ” or advertising scene.  This segment helps to prepare young people for our complex world of double standards.

Scenario: In this segment of The Choice Game™ we follow Sally, Ashley and Rick (all Caucasian).  The 3 young people were lucky enough to get summer Internships at Global Media.  Ashley’s boss is Jerry and she’s working in the Editing Department.  Sally is in the Marketing Department – the same department her Mom works in.  And Rick is dong Marketing.  As we follow each of them we see they all learn how the media affects decisions on which products we buy and how true the saying is “Sex Sells”.


  • Media influences on youth
  • “Sex Sells”
  • Trust vs. Betrayal
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Manipulation vs. self-control
  • Regrets vs. goals
  • Friends and peer pressure
  • Trusted adults
  • Parent/Child Relationships
  • Love vs. Lust
  • Values and Self-respect
  • “Show me the Money!”

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