Midwest Version

Sample Script: Alcohol & Drugs

Track 24 [Denise and Rick are at Adam’s Party.  (Peer Pressure, Decision-Making Skills.)]

Rick:  Hey Adam, this is crazy!

Denise:  Who are all these people?

Adam:  I don’t know. They just started showing up.

Rick:  This is cool.

Voice from the crowd:  Beer’s cold and the line forms behind me!

Denise:  Adam, did you know about the beer?

Adam:  Yeah, but I didn’t know so many people would show up.

Rick:  Right!!!!!!!!. (Rick walks away.)

Denise:  Adam, I don’t have a good feeling about this.

Track 25

Narrator: So, what would you do now? Adam has three choices. They are:

1-      Chill.

2-      It’s just people hangin’ out.

3-      What can I do about it now?

Track 26   

Chill. (Drinking, deception, sibling role model)

Adam:  Chill, my parents aren’t due back till tomorrow.

Denise:  What if they find out?  Anyway, I dunno about this.

Adam:  Look, I’ll keep things under control.

Denise:  Well, it looks like you better control your little brother and his friends. They’re on the beer line.

Adam:  What? Hey Chris! Christopher!! Hold on, I’ll be right back(Adam hurries off.)

Track 27   -  Continue   (Peer influence)

Denise:  So, what are you going do?

Adam:  I told them they had to hang in Chris’ room – and no coming out.

Denise:  You think they’ll do it?

Adam:  Chris is only 14, he’ll listen if he knows what’s good for him.

(Rick comes back carrying beers.)

Rick:  Here you go Adam, brought you and Denise a beer.

Denise:  None for me. I don’t do alcohol.

Adam:  I don’t’ know.  Now I’ve got to keep my head straight and keep an eye on Chris.

Rick:  Oh come on! What’s another brew going to do? It’s not like we get this chance often.

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