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Audio Excerpts: Influences

Sally and Ashley were lucky enough to get a summer Internships at Global Media.  Ashley’s boss is Jerry and she’s working in the Editing Department.  Sally is in the Marketing Department – the same department her Mom works in.

Rick is also at Global for the summer, he is also in the Marketing Department and learning advertising.

Sally & Regana

Peer pressure can be positive or negative.  Ashley tries to help Sally with some friendly advice about talking to her Mom.

Regana & TJ having pizza Rick is sitting in on a Advertising meeting with Jerry and a client.  He is asked his opinion on how they can attract the youth market.

Regana and Mom

Sally attends a meeting with her Mom and now understands how some companies target their ads directly at the youth market.

Ashley is learning about editing and in a conversation with her boss Jerry she is asked if she would like to audition for a music video for Mr. Avery.

Regana and DadRegana with Jerry

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