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Sample Script: Influences

Track 9:   (Ashley has an Internship at Global Media.) (“Sex Sells” philosophy discussed, an opportunity is presented.)

Jerry:  Great job.

Ashley:  I’m learning a lot. 

Jerry:  You must be doing some serious editing at home on your computer.

Ashley:  Yup.

Jerry:  That’s why I decided to let you sit in on our meeting today with Mr. Avery.

Ashley:  Really?

Jerry:  He’s looking for an attractive and sexy take on his new music video. and he asked if You’d audition for one of the parts.

Ashley:  Cool.

Jerry:  Remember our “sex sells” philosophy. So, are you interested?

Ashley:  Sure... thanks, Jerry.

Track 10:  (Ashley meets her friend Sally in the hallway near the Ladies Room.) (“Sex Sells” philosophy discussed, The Media, High-risk behaviors..)

Sally:   Hey, Ashley, how ya doing?

Ashley:  Good! I’m going to see a client.  Can you believe he asked me to audition?  And have you SEEN Mr. Avery

Sally:   No.

Ashley:   He’s hot!

Sally:  You’re doing better than I am. I just spent more time with my mom then I wanted too.

Ashley:  Why?

Sally:  I learned more about how media companies use sex to sell products to make money even if the product’s bad for you.

Ashley:  Tell me about it!  I’m learning how powerful advertising is.

Sally:  Right!

Ashley:  If I ever hear “Sex Sells” again - I’ll scream.

Sally:  That’s all like all these people think about ‘round here.

Ashley:  Yah.

Sally:   Do you remember Mrs. Jacobs in Health Class talking about “high Risk Behaviors”?

Ashley:  No.

Sally:  She called smoking and drinking “High Risk Behaviors” ‘cause they lead to other riskier behaviors.

Ashley:  Like?

Sally:  Like drinking ‘n driving, sex and maybe even drugs.

Ashley:  Wonder what would happen if these people met Mrs. Jacobs?

Sally:  They wouldn’t listen to her.  They need to make their money.

Ashley:  Have you seen Rick, I heard he started here last week?

Sally:  No, but I’m sure one of us will eventually.

Ashley:  I guess we better get back or we’ll loose our Internships.

Sally:  Okay... but sometimes I wish I never got mine.

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