Midwest Version

Sample Script: Teen Pregnancy

Track 6: (after school - Eric and Jennifer are together outside school.)  (Parental influence, parental role model, explore meaning of sexuality.)

Eric:  I’m really sorry about last night.

Jennifer:  I understand but what did your dad say after I left?

Eric:  Nothing bad about you. He kind of likes you.

Jennifer:   So what then?

Eric:   As usual he talked about the three R’s >>>>being Responsible, acting Respectful and doing the Right thing.

Jennifer:  Was any of it about sex?

Eric:  Yeah...he always says the same thing. “If you don’t love a girl enough to wait until marriage, you don’t love her enough to have sex.”

Jennifer:  Eric, you know that I... I really want to be with you.

Eric:  That’s how I feel about you. I can’t stop thinking about it.  But, when I’m with Dad, he makes so much sense. 

Jennifer:  He really cares about you.

Eric:  He always tells me to keep my goals - my future in mind... BUT >>>> when I’m with you... (Frustrated!) I don’t know.

(Jennifer’s cell phone rings.)

Jennifer:  Hold on a minute. (She answers phone.) Hi Mom. Nothing.  OK. I’ll get the chicken out. See ya later. (To Eric) My Mom won’t be home until 7:30 or 8. Wanna go hangout at my house?

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