Midwest Version

Sample Script: STDs

Track 2:  (Kim’s bedroom is the only location for this episode. Tommy sticks his head inside her door.) (Displays sibling role model throughout the entire script.)

Tommy:  Hey, what you doing?

Kim:  Duh? My homework.

Tommy:   Just asking.

Kim:  (Looks up and lays book down.) It’s OK. You can come in if you want.

Tommy:  (As he walks in.) Nah. I got things to do.

Kim:  OK Tommy. What is it?

Tommy:  Nothing. Really!

Kim:   Look, I can’t read minds.

Tommy:   Well it’s not like I can ask Mom or Dad about it.

Kim:  OK. I get you. S-E-X. Right?

Tommy:  Thought you couldn’t read minds?

Kim:   Look, Alicia told me about it.

Tommy:  Everybody must think I’m a real loser.

Kim:   No. Losers are people who think they know it all ‘nd don’t be so quick to rule out mom or dad.

Tommy:  Mom or dad?

Kim:  Duh? Who do you think I talk to? 

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