Student Feedback

What They're Saying About The Choice Game™

One thing I liked about the Choice Game is when you play the video you are able to choose the good side or the bad side of it.  Or you can just choose both so basically it is allowing you to see the consequences, the positive way or the negative because usually people only show the negative way.  Parents might lecture you but sometimes it is hard to relate because they only experience it from one side of the table but the video allows you to see from both sides.  – Amber, 15

I think it helped out with a lot of things I was going through and it made me change my mind about a lot of things after watching the films I saw what was happening to those people and what could happen.  I thought about this could be me so maybe I should change my ways of doing that. – Daryl, 15

[The Choice Game] stops me from having sex - when I watched it and continued to watch it I was like I am not ready to have no kids.  I’m not ready to be sick, I’m not ready to have no disease that I can’t take care of.  If I can’t take care of myself there ain’t no one to take care of me.  I want to take care of myself.  – Keshonna, 18

When the time comes and you are pressured you basically know how to say no or know how to put it.  They help you with saying no and thinking of ways to say no.  You’ve got to make choices and the Choice Game really helps you with that.  Knowing all about sex and all the things the come out of it.  It kind of makes you make better decisions. – Georrina, 15 thing that really stuck with me is the only way to make sure is to stay abstinent.  Not only from sex because that’s what everyone always bases it on, but it’s drugs too and peer pressure as well. – Amber, 15

When I think about the Choice Game I think about no sex, no drugs. You walk around and think about the Choice Game and ‘what I need that for?’ You don’t need a friend that smokes especially if they are around you.  The Choice Game helps you realize that.  If you don’t have respect with your friends then they are not real friends. – Royshonda, 15

I would describe the Choice Game as a game to help you cope with life situations and choices we make.  However, life is not a game and you must understand the difference with what the Choice Game is trying to do -- trying to prepare you for some choices you will have to make in the future. – Eric, 15