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Suggested 9 Week Curriculum

Week One: Introduction

Introductory video with actor, Stephen Baldwin, narrating about choices and consequences and about the game's characters. This will be followed by initial group discussions of The Choice Game™ topics, and pre-program questionnaires 1

Week Two: My Family, My Self - CD-ROM Segment

"My Family" explores the changing relationship of youth with their parents, guardians, and siblings as they mature, and how this relationship affects their decision-making. "My Self" looks at youth's feelings of self-esteem and self-respect and the role that they play when faced with difficult choices.

Week Three: Influences - CD-ROM Segment

"Influences" examines the effects of the media, peer pressure, and substances on youth. Develops perspective thinking needed to act responsibly now and in the future.

Week Four: STDs and AIDs - CD-ROM Segment

STDs and AIDS segment addresses self-control and problem solving.  The curriculum provides statistics and information that the only guaranteed protection is abstinence from sex and intravenous drug use. Van Burrows, CEO of Vanpire Attire and Entertainment is the narrator of this segment. His urban style and appearance reinforces the concept of “Doing the right thing, when nobody’s looking.”

Week Five: Communications and Refusal Skills - CD-ROM Segment

"Communications" helps youth learn communication strategies for letting their true feelings be known. "Refusal Skills" teaches youth to take control of their lives by asserting themselves and standing up for their beliefs. Reinforces the need for honesty, fairness and respect.

Week Six: Teen Pregnancy - CD-ROM Segment

Explores a real life unplanned pregnancy from both the teen mother's and father's points of view including feelings, lifestyle changes, and lost opportunities when one is not prepared for the responsibilities of family life. Explores peer relationships and “love.”

Week Seven: Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco Use - CD-ROM Segment

Explores the harmful effects of destructive substances and how they dramatically impair decision-making abilities, as well as their illegality and the fact that that the use of some could lead to various STDs and other diseases. Introduces the concept of peer mentoring while teaching respect and responsibility.

Week Eight: "Abstinence Is A Lifestyle" Awards Day

Summary video narrated by actor Stephen Baldwin is presented and specialists review strategies to maintain an abstinence-only and drug/alcohol/tobacco free lifestyle. Participants are given the opportunity to voluntarily sign an Abstinence Pledge1, receive an abstinence ring1 to wear on their wedding ring finger, and share their achievements with parents at a culmination party. All participants may receive a copy of The Choice Game™ curriculum1 to play at home.

Week Nine: Post Testing and Wrap-Up

The session ends with final evaluation testing, discussion on program follow-up.

1 Note: These items are part of our suggested program and may be purchased through Several Sources Foundation at additional expense.

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