Urban Version

Sample Script: Communications

Track Two: (T.J. and Tina are in warehouse. Music is in the background.) (Communications/trust skills between boy and girl, honestly with parents, grandparents, guardians.)

T.J.: I didn’t think you’d come.

Tina: What ya’ mean?

T.J.: Well, sometimes I’m not sure about you.

Tina: Porqué?

T.J.: Porqué ..Well... I asked ya here tonight, but you never said you’d come.

Tina: Well, I had a lot of thinkin’ to do... ‘nd I didn’t want to tell you I’d come ‘nd then not show up.

T.J.: (He sighs.) That’s cool. Boy, ya sure do a lot of thinkin’.

Tina: I’m just gettin’ used to Newark ‘nd all. We don’t have places like this at the shore where I used to live.

T.J.: Really?

Tina: ‘nd I wasn’t sure I should let my grandma know I was coming here tonight

T.J.: You didn’t tell her?

Tina: No. I just said I was goin’ to a friend’s house.

T.J.: Cool.

Tina: You’re one fine lookin’ girl tonight.

Tina: Thanks.

T.J.: ‘nd I was able to get my father’s keys.

Tina: Do ya have his permission?

T.J.: Not really. But he’s always talkin’ ‘bout how he was young once. So I figure he’d understand.

Tina: Maybe.

T.J.: Let’s dance.

Tina: ok (They dance slow and close. She lets him kiss her.)

T.J.: Let’s go to my father’s office.

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