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Audio Excerpts: Drugs

Jermy & Amarelys rehearsing a scene

The long range plans for The Choice Game™ will allow the players to choose the racial make up of the actors in each segment. The initial planning phase of the grant in the Drugs segment involves an African American male named Jermy St. Louis and a Hispanic female named Amarelys Perez. The segment involves decision-making skills whereby the girl has used drugs and is trying to get the boy to take Ecstasy.

There are three critical paths the players can take. The consequences of their choices are dramatically shown, including going to an NA meeting or even taking the drugs. In one path the girl might become pregnant.

Jermy St. Louis in jail

In this scene, Jermy St. Louis is in jail. The girl he was dancing with passed out at the club and ultimately died. Jermy is being blamed for her death. In the game he had nothing to do with her dying but depending on his choices at the club he might have tried the drug. Now his whole future plans of going to Journalism school are in doubt. He fears what his mother will say when she finds out what has happened to him and he feels guilty because he did not convince Rachael (played by Amarelys Perez) to not take the Ecstasy.

Note: Jermy St. Louis is a graduate of Lincoln High School in Jersey City, NJ and has written a letter of support regarding his Jersey City school experiences and The Choice Game™.

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