Urban Version

Sample Script: Drugs

TRACK 14 (Explores the effects of different drugs and a flirtation leads to possibly more sexual involvement.)

Boy: Hey, I wonder if that's the stuff that got Peter last year.

Rachael: Who's Peter?

Boy: You remember him. He was the point guard on our freshmen basketball team... then he ended up dead after a game one night.

Rachael: Oh, now I remember him. He had such 'n attitude... like he was better then all of us.

Boy: Ya but he sure had all the right moves on the court. I played against him a couple of times. What I wouldn't do to have his speed.

Rachael: Well, his problem was he took LSD at a club one night.

Boy: I used to think all he did was smoke some trees... 'nd what harm could a joint do? Then he died. I just couldn't believe it.

Rachael: Look I don't mean to not show any respect or anything but I came here to have some fun, not get all stressed out about some fool who I hardly ev'n met. Maybe you need to find some other lady to chat with.

Boy: No way. You're the one for me. tsssssszz ... you smell sooooo fine. That perfume you're wearin' tonight is drivin' me crazy.

Rachael: 'nd here I thought you didn't even notice. It's called "Paradise".

Boy: That's the right name for sure. Just being with you is paradise, girl.

Rachael: My life is a mess right now. I need a real man to help me get to get to a better place... ya feel me?

Boy: True, I feel ya.

Rachael: Look, let's find somewhere so we can be alone.

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