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Sample Script: My Family / My Self

Track 28:

Feelings of abandonment vs. being over-parented explored by teens. Idea of seeking Guidance Counselor/Mentor for help presented.

Jared: Things aren't going so well at home.

Sally: Want to talk?

Jared: I got to get going. They probably have a secret camera to record my every move. Maybe. It's just that I can't take my parents anymore.

Sally: I know.

Jared: Especially my dad, it's like he.. he's trying to rule my life.

Sally: I wish I had that problem. My Mom barely knows I'm alive.

Jared: Trade ya? (Laughs)

Sally: Believe me, you wouldn't want to. There's nothing worse than a mother that doesn't care.

Jared: I'm sure deep down she loves you.

Sally: Well if she does, she has a funny way of showing it. What's so bad about your dad?

Jared: Well... he just won't listen. Treats me like a little kid or something.

Sally: (laugh) And, my mom has expected me to be a grown up since I was five.

Jared: At least ya can talk to her.

Sally: Well, I used to. Then things changed. Now we never talk. (Tears in her eyes.) I really miss her...(Pause)... And I'm not even really sure what happened, but don't make my mistake. Try to talk to your dad somehow.

Jared: You know how it is. I just don't know how to start.

Sally: I'm no expert but maybe ya could talk to a school counselor, or just say to your dad "let's talk."

Jared: Why don't you do it then?

Sally: I only really see my mom on Sundays. I just chicken out.

Jared: I've got to book so, I'll see ya around.

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