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Sample Script: Teen Pregnancy

Track 26: In this segment of the game, Maxine has decided to give the baby up for adoption. She has returned to her grandmother’s house and will be signing the final adoption papers tomorrow.

GRANDMA: How are you doin’?

MAXINE: I’m just fine. It’s not easy but I think it’s best.

GRANDMA: I sure hope you have thought about this carefully.

MAXINE: What do you care? You wouldn’t let me bring him here.

GRANDMA: Now that’s not fair. You know that landlord won’t have no babies. You could have stayed at the shelter and raised him there.

MAXINE: Yeah, but what kinda life would that be for a child.

GRANDMA: It was your choice. Free and simple.

MAXINE: It wasn’t so free ‘n no way was it simple. But my son has two parents and I have my life back.

GRANDMA: You sure?

MAXINE: I just didn’t have the patience for all that crying ‘n changin’ diapers ‘n I missed my friends ‘n the neighborhood.

GRANDMA: I sure hope you learned somethin’.

MAXINE: What’s that suppose to mean?

GRANDMA: It means as long as you go to school, you can do anythin’ in the world. You could be a lawyer.

MAXINE: You mean it?

GRANDMA: Sure, you’re good at lieing and stuff.

MAXINE: Grandma, how can you say such a thing!

GRANDMA: I didn’t mean it the way it sounded. I meant you ... well, when you say somethin’ it’s easy to believe you. So I think you should be a lawyer.

MAXINE: Maybe you’re right. I like to talk for sure.

GRANDMA: What are you goin’ to do to make sure you don’t have any more babies?

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