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Sample Script: STDs

Guy1- Those photos sure made me think a lot about sex.

Guy2 - Yeah, who'd think some fine lookin' woman... could mean gettin' a nasty disease. Did you see what it did to the man's equipment?

Guy1 - uugghhh!!!. It looked like branches sticken' off a tree. That's some kinda pain I couldn't deal with. But da' Sex-man said not all STDs cause pain. A guy could be infected and not know.

Guy2 - So, how ya suppose to know what a chick is hidin'?

Guy1 - Yeah, like somebody's gonna say, "Check it out, I got gonorrhea." What's the name of the disease the guy said doesn't show symptoms right away - I can't remember... something about clam...

Guy2 - I wrote it out.

Guy1 - You jokin'?

Guy2 - NO!!! I can't fail this class. Look, the truth is I'm thinkin' of being a doctor someday so I need to learn this stuff. Here... it's called Chlamydia. It passes through bodily fluids - like semen or a woman's discharge.

Guy1 - I thought that one could be cured?

Guy2 - Yeah it can, once you have an antibiotic, 'cause it's a bacterial infection. But bacterial infections can still do permanent damage to your body. And we're men, it's worse for women.

Guy1 - I wish ya'd stop makin' such a big deal out of this.

Guy2 - Big deal! Fool, take a look at some of this other stuff!

Guy1 - What else did you did write down, Doc?

Guy2 - Yours might be the first life I save, bro. Just listen to this...

"Other examples of STDs passed through bodily fluids are Hepetitis B, HIV, and gonorrhea. STDs transmitted through Skin to skin contact can be syphilis, herpes or HPV - genital warts."

Guy1 - I really hated that photo. Those little buggers full of pus look too painful. Like I said I hate pain.

Guy2 - It don't matter if the STD comes from a virus or bacteria... both can be painful. But the deep thing about a virus is... YOU HAVE IT FOR LIFE !!!

Guy1 - But sometimes they go away on their own, right?

Guy2 - Yeah, but the virus can come back too...ya ever think there are times when it just ain't worth it?

Guy1 - I'll tell ya what I'm afraid of - HIV - that's the big daddy of them all!

Guy2 - Ya gotta wonder...

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